In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo derzhavtoinspektor thief detained while trying to steal a bike

23-year-old previously convicted resident of Mukachevo decided to steal someone else's bike, which was parked near the cafe. Bite "clippers" castle, the attacker is already going to go on stolen bike. But he noticed the traffic police, which it passesSee nearby ... A resident of the nearby district center Mukachevo came to punish his friend. Prystebnuvshy your bike in the parking lot near the cafe, the man went into business. However, it has pryhlyadiv bike thief ... A few minutes later a stranger walked up to the bike, got out of his suitcase tool and cut a metal chain that kripyv transportmeans. Not scared away zuhvaltsya even people on the street. And its inspector noticed Mukachevo the State Nicholas Krasivov which is held nearby. The police officer went to the moon suspicious and asked him where and why this bike vidmykav his "clippers"? Of course, the "fairy tale" that people have lost the key of the pad and Volumeadvantage in "clippers", police did not believe. And here came the real owner of the bike ... The attacker was taken to the police Gorotdel. It turned out that the 23-year-old mukachivets - master thieves case. He specialized exclusively on theft, for which he was previously convicted. Regarding the attacker Gorotdel police investigator OpenSee criminal proceedings under part 3 of Article 15 of Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (Attempted theft). Thieves faces up to three years in prison. Eugene Krasylynets Mukachevo CF MIA