In Ternopil warning system population - in constant readiness for signal transmission

on the system to alert the public in Ternopil reported during the daily conference call for video-konferentsz'yazku chairman of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies, Deputy Chairman Regional statestion Administration Leonid Bytsyura. The meeting was held March 10 under the chairmanship DSNS Ukraine Serhiy Bochkovsky. According to Leonid A., automated notification system in civil protection area involved telephone network connection - 79 urban and rural telephone exchange 479 (100% telephones settlements area); network wiresovoyi and terrestrial radio (121 relay unit, as of February in the Ternopil region has 39 392 major radio outlets); 51 Electric, including 30th Ternopil. "With the current system time alert warning signals and bring information to the management of the executive authorities, local self governmenttion and population served by means of cable broadcasting, from 2 to 5 minutes, - said Leonid Alekseevich. - In towns (villages) who do not have cable radio, local governments opovischayutsya on the phone, and the population - by using the terrestrial broadcasting and services "Ukrposhta" feasible Repavnykamy town and village councils. Also, local governments recommended means to engage religious and religious structures (bells). Time to deliver the information to the population that is unable to receive radio services, range from 30 minutes to 1 hour of time. " As reported Leonid A., for the purpose of prompt notification of the population MANAGEMENTnnyam for Civil Protection RSA signed agreements with operators FM-radio and Ternopil regional TV and radio to provide services to alert the public under the threat of disasters. "Warning system is in constant readiness to transmit signals and orders - konstatuHRW said. - Every day the operative Department of Civil Protection is checked in communicating information to areas held Wednesdays short run and checked Electric flow of information on broadcasting network, run counters centralized call. Every first Wednesday of the month is relatedon a comprehensive test system running at full cycle of Electric and transmission of information on regional broadcasting network ". However, according to Lednida Bytsyury, there are many issues - warning equipment in the existing system is outdated, the funds for the reconstruction of a regional system of centralized notification does not stand out, and be localyudzhety have a very limited financial resources for development and operation of means of notification. "It is a change to the Regional Comprehensive program of population and territory of Ternopil region of man-made emergencies and natural disasters in 2014-2017 years. It is assumed in fundingthe amount of 400 thousand from the city budget to carry out priority measures on reconstruction of a regional system of centralized notification ", - said Leonid Alekseevich. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration