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Ternopil, discussed the implementation of the program of football development in 2015-2020 years throughout the region

Question implementation of the program of football development in the years 2015-2020 in all regions of Ternopil and development of youth and youth football in the region was discussed during a working meeting fulfills required bonds of the deputy head of TernopilRSA chairman John Babiychuk of Ternopil Regional Football Federation Vladimir Marynovskym. The meeting was held March 11 in RSA. In particular, according to Vladimir Marynovskoho Programme has been introduced and within it the means to Berezhany, Podvolochisk, Zalishchytsk, Kremenetskiy, Terebovlia and Ternopilth areas. "The task of the federation together with the state administration is implementing the program and funding in those areas where it is not already, - said Vladimir Nikolaevich. - Because it will allow the district teams to participate in the championship football field. However, we understand that in those circumstances, that is now in the state, Mr.otribno and look for alternative ways of financing regional teams and raise funds from local businesses. " Also John Babiychuk stressed the importance of children's and youth football and organizing football tournaments at secondary schools, particularly during the summer period recreation 2015. "Despite the sition in the country, we have to take care of the development of sport in the region and training of young athletes - said John Babiychuk. - Football, which is one of the most popular sports must have support from the management area. Therefore, we will promote in every way so that the sport was up to the mark. " This was reported in Ternopil oblderzhadministwrong