Ivano-Frankivsk false phone calls complicates rescue services

To ascertain the rescue every day to the Fire and Rescue Service area on the emergency line « 101 » receives dozens of messages from fixed and mobile phones for help from area residents who may find themselvesand in different situations. However, among them, unfortunately, common and false is false calls. Only since the beginning of March this year, the region recorded 6 calls false – 4 of them in Ivano-Frankivsk, one in Kalush and Coloma. Rescuers pay attention to citizens to be more aware and not unnecessarily calland on « 101 & raquo ;. After all, sometimes slowly on someone's fictional imagination « fire » or « fire » Rescue Service staff will not be able to provide operational assistance to those who really need it, because when you follow fire engines in the wrong direction parallel may receive information about the real fire or other nadzvychaynu situation. In that case referral units from one call to another always results in loss of precious minutes of which may depend on the life of a man who really needs help. Management DSNS in