In Uzhhorod police detained thieves-touring

previous convictions mukachivets and his accomplice with Svalyavy "potroshyly" at night, alien machines. In Uzhhorod recent increase theft from parked in yards and streets cars. Thieves break the glass and take everything of value from the cabin. Already this year, police arrested a group of "car"Thieves and caught another one yesterday. At dawn on March 10 along attention patrol that patrolled on vul.Tlehasa in Uzhgorod, caught the sound of breaking glass. When the police came closer, we saw how the cabin "Mercedes" a moon shining a flashlight. Seeing the police, the man rushed to their heels. He ran to the car, whichhis accomplice had expected, but did not have time to run because "pepeesnyky" were prudkishymy. But his accomplice pressed the gas pedal and fled. But not departed - his car police detained another outfit. Two young men were taken to the police Gorotdel. It turned out that it was a 28-year-old previously convicted resident of Mukachevo and its 25 - year old accomplice from Svalyavy. Pal came to Uzhgorod on fishing thieves - steal cars at night. At this time they brought 4 cases of theft, but police suspect that there were more. In this incident started criminal proceedings. The investigation continues. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region