In UGAI Volyn inspectors trained to use mobile terminals to pay fines

employees of the State Soon patrolling roads will use mobile terminals to pay fines for drivers of traffic violations. So this operation discussed in detail at the workshop. According toand Chief of the administration of that UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn Sergei Nykytyuk, such payment is fine - quite handy: - Previously driver in order to pay the fine, had to look for a bank to making money, but now thanks to mobile terminals he can do it right in the patrol car. The principle of the terminal is almosts, as in trading networks. During the month Volyn units GAI get the balance of the new facility, which will provide law enforcement "Sberbank" through which payments take place. So for field inspectors organized a training workshop in which specialists Bank had instructed on the use of mobile terminals. Pith this explained their benefits. The representative of the bank Vladimir Sawicki said that innovation will greatly simplify the use of fines, besides - is quite easy to use: - No problems will not arise. Terminals are easy to use. The inspector should make only protocol number and amount. Then the driver will immediately kvytantion of payment of a fine. Number of payment terminals will be determined depending on the number of inhabitants of the locality in which the traffic police department. According to their cities will be more. But at the same time, payment of fines by mobile terminal - voluntary, so the decision is made only driver. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region