In Zhytomyr police closed the underground multiple points of Waste Of

households Chervonoarmiiskyi two residents of the area who have illegally made in back rooms collection points metal, police seized more than a ton of junk. Another one of the Khmelnytsky metalozbyracha found in Romanov area. For the identified factorter being investigated criminal proceedings. Operation of two underground points of ferrous and non-ferrous metals March 5 documented workers Chervonoarmiiskyi police department in a village in the district and the district center itself. During the sanctioned searches in the household 47-year resident of the village. Czerniawka, Podkarpackie Voivodeship pravoohorontsi found half a ton of trash metal composition acquired the owner, he said, the locals. While active, any permits for its conduct was not a man. So scrap detected with cargo weights by which skupovuvavsya product was extracted to local police precinct. Another fact coning illegal transactions scrap documented police in the district center. In their households underground point illegally organized a 30-year local resident. On his farm seized more than 430 kg of scrap iron and cargo weights. Now for the last two facts pretrial investigation st.213 Part 1 (ViolationProcedure of scrap metal) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Persons involved in such criminal proceedings March 9 Khmelnytsky was resident who own car "Fiat Ducat" traveled some areas in search of Zhytomyr metal trash. Buyers stopped by the State in the area of ??Romanov. When hGiven his ass by car in the cargo compartment was found about 160 kg of scrap metal that people have had to purchase without a permit for such activity. At the scene was caused investigative team, which workers found and fixed the car and brought it to the helmsman Romanov local police precinct. Under the currentcriminal law, violation of the order of scrap metal punishable by a fine of 500 to 1,500 tax-free minimum incomes, or community service for 100 to 200 hours. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region