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In the Zhytomyr Oblast residents of the eastern regions continue to receive humanitarian aid

Residents who have left the settlements in the eastern regions continue to receive humanitarian aid. Rescuers together with volunteers and local authorities almost every day they are sent as food and building materials to restore assb. Considerable assistance in this matter gives the International Committee « Red Cross & raquo ;. So, yesterday on the organization, the city Hirnyak Selydivskoyi city council Donetsk region DSNS rescuers brought about a thousand square meters of glass. The city of insurgents repeatedly dostrilyuvalosya « & raquo ;. Grad Currently there durayut renewals. For residents of punktuMayorsk, again, from the International Committee « Red Cross & raquo ;, rescuers yesterday delivered food and hygiene kits, blankets, tarpaulins, jerry cans for water and dry fuel. In addition, the departments of the State Service for Emergency Situations to the city Avdiyivkaorhanizovabut delivering 2.5 tonnes of industrial water at St. Nicholas Church. For people who left their homes and were temporarily placed in DruzhkivkaDonetskoyi area vchoraDonetska regional state administration was taken 3.5 tons of food. Also in eastern regions constantly coming humanitarian aid from international organizations.In particular, yesterday, the village Novotoshkivka Luhansk oblastivid Norwegian fund was delivered about 200 cubic meters of wood. In addition, from the German International Cooperation (GIZ) in the near future it is planned delivery of about 46 tons of humanitarian aid to eastern regions. It will be food, pasta, buckwheat,oil, rice, oatmeal, baby food, sugar, city ’ canned meat. There will also be delivered heat generators, chainsaws, benzorizy as well as tents with additional equipment. Press office DSNS Ukraine