According disorder in a public place volynyanyn paid more than eight thousand fine

This sentence was a bully who started a brawl with by a pizzeria. Things were in the center of Stone Kashyrsky. 22-year-old resident of the city, being a school holiday and being drunk, started an argument with another guest. The verbal sparring nererosla a fight. As a result bully grabbed an empty bottle of beer and smashed her head for eight years older opponent. Centre staff immediately called to the scene police. The police immediately launched into the bullying criminal proceedings. Stone Kashyrskyi district court took into account the fact that the suspect vidshkoduvAB victim pecuniary damage, sentenced him as 8000 UAH 760 fine. Hope TOROKANETS, Stone Kashyrskyi District Police Ukraine Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/