In the Volyn region police caught the Dodgers, who obkradav

villagers thief stole all that later could easily sell. In another part of Rozhyshche police department asked a local resident. Retired reported that his unlocked house unknown person stole household items. The police quickly identified the zlovmysnick. They found 36-year-old victim odnoselchanyn. Man, in the absence of the owner, went into the house and stole things later zbuv your friends. In addition, the police found that dodger involved in the theft of the phone. The event occurred in January 2015. Using the fact that the owner of a rest, a thief stole itmobile phone. Law enforcers launched criminal proceedings under Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A investigation in which police check suspect involvement in the commission of other crimes in the area. Rozhyshche District Police Ukraine Volyn region