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Volyn region, to prevent dry grass fires, rescue workers together with environmentalists attract arsonists administrative proceedings

For the past day happened in 16 fires, 10 of which appeared in the burning dry grass. The city Kovel fire of dry grass that negligent owners lit nearby houses in suburban neighborhoodand « & raquo ;, Kalina turned over immediately to the four suburban home. At night in railroad for the same reason burned trees ’ wooden gazebo in suburban array « & raquo ;. Friendship Only through efficient reaction rescue units failed to prevent the destruction of trees ’ yanoho home. In Manevitskiy area in village households NabruskoOdars, burning posush in yard ’ I do not zohledivsya as the fire spread to the house. In addition, burning dry grass in open areas in Kovel, Stone-Kashyrskiy and Turiysk areas. To prevent mass burning dry grass, rescuers together with representatives of environmental inspection carried out daily raids Perevirky, identifying instigators and attracting them to administrative responsibility. As of 11 March in the Volyn region compiled 10 reports on burning dry grass. Violations recorded in Lutsk, stone-Kashyrskiy, Lubomilskiy, Manevitskiy and Rozhishchenskiy area. The village Voyehosche Stone Kashyrsky rescuers brought to the area ofresponsibility of two citizens: March 9, 25-year-old Vitali Bulavchyk leave flammable materials near the pine forest, on the eve of 33-year-old Victor Kolesnik did the same offense. March 10 during a raid in the village Boratin check Lutsk district employees environmental inspection report made by 30-year-old Nicholas Bartoschuka asth burned the grass in their own land, and in the village Gurevich for similar offenses environmentalists imposed a fine on 26-year-old Olga Yuzepchuk. On the same day Rozhishchenskiy area by burning dry grass was prosecuted 61-year-old Vladimir Kotlyarchuk the village undergrowth. In Lubomilskiy rescuers were administrative area etc.otokol, according to Art. 175. Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, the pensioner Anna Zinchuk that burned debris on their own plot to uprytul outbuildings. Management DSNS in Volyn region encourages citizens to stop burning dry grass farms and in open areas. Worth city ’ Fifthyou that these criminal acts are not only harmful to the environment, but also endanger human life and health ’ i! UDSNS in Volyn region