"Lutskvodokanal" repairs

networks in the city to improve the quality of water supply and sanitation in Lutsk, emergency services KP "Lutskvodokanal" conducted maintenance work on water and sewer networks city. Prevention of sewer networks will take place at the following address: ul. Gordiyuk, 29 st. Lipinsky, 7,UL. Grabowski, 11. The water network - on the street. Chornovil and Stephen Kryven'ka. The enterprise requests relate to understanding the possible inconveniences associated with the possible lack of water in places of work. Also, employees of the company to bring down areas where emergency response took place. Specifically,landscaping will be carried out on the street. Shota Rustaveli Avenue and 9. Freedom 35-37. repair crew will install the utility hatch on the street. Crooked shaft 17. By the way, in February, emergency services KP "Lutskvodokanal" found 3 hatches and 23 concrete slabs on water wells and sewage networks. Company cautions that create open wellsdanger to residents, and therefore constantly monitors the presence of manhole covers on water supply and sanitation city, responsive to the message Lutsk. We call on concerned residents - in case of an open pit call dispatching service company that works around the clock - 25-55-55 or 15-53. This assiscan avoid accidents and injuries passers well as to prevent accidents. For the past day 17 eliminated congestion on city sewer networks, 3 impulses in water supply networks, fixed 2 latches Dr. 250mm. Press Service of ME "Lutskvodokanal" This was reported in Lutsk City Council