Luck: "Shevchenko and the song"

To celebrate Shevchenko days at the "Patriot Homeland" (vul.Drahomanova 1), a patriotic and educational event "Shevchenko Song" in frames of the project "The story of history." According to the organizers, the format of interactive public meetings involves not only the story of the little-known events of history orinteresting people, but also to attract participants to discuss topics and even joint participation in the event. The guest speakers at the meeting were the children of Lutsk education center boarding school. Driving west briefed the audience not only with the work of T. Shevchenko also said many striking examples of how Shevchenko was linked to the cityuzykoyu and loved the art direction. Children also watched a film in which Shevchenko shown not only as a writer and artist, but also a musician. With Volyn researchers and filmmakers present were able to understand the contribution of Shevchenko Ukrainian folk songs. Participants were familiarized with the exhibition of creative uneasy aboutsecond life TG Shevchenko, prepared by the library staff, branch 3. The event was also Anastasiya Tkachenko, winner of national music competitions, Anatoly Silvanovych, bandura, a student of Volyn State College of Culture and Arts. All together painted patriotic Ukraine letter entitled "From sincere hearts." OnAfter the event, the children received useful gifts for learning from Vladimir Vdovenko. Department of Culture City Council This was reported in Lutsk City Council