Pupils Lutsk children's art school showed their own vision of current events in the east of Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is now very difficult. In the east, continuing anti-terrorist operation. Our soldiers protect the integrity and independence of the state. Aside these events can not stay no one, including children. Pupils municipal institution "Deetyacha art school "aged 9 to 16 years portrayed in the paintings of his own vision of the counterterrorist operation, the heroism of our soldiers and faith in victory. in the same premises of the institution was opened thematic exhibition "With Love to Ukraine." The exhibition features more than 60 works made in different techniques. IntimeNumber of the opening ceremony was Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, Head of Culture City Council Tatiana drive, soldiers of the 1st Battalion of territorial defense "Volyn". Head KO "Children's Art School" Ivan Gavrilyuk said that they offered the children display their works in view of current events in eastern Ukraine. "This yourate is a special time and terms. The work and dedication to children is impressive. Each picture - a ray of light and goodness, which are now essential in our busy lives. The exhibition is a tribute to those who are defending our freedom and independence in the east. These heroes give their lives for us. We all want to War ended as soon as possible "- the mon. According to him, the children put into their work life and this exhibition should see the maximum number of people. I turned to the audience and Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. He thanked the military of the 1st Battalion of territorial defense "Volyn" and in their face all the soldiers. Mayor wished to watch over them and God said that we are all proudmosya their courage. Nicholas Romaniuk thanked the residents of children's art school for their creative embodiment of his own vision of events in the state. "Your work speak for themselves. All paintings are filled with deep meaning. Each painted this work, depending on what is in his heart as he thinks and sees events in the East. Here you can see your emotionsher and what you already are patriots of our country, "- he said. He also said that a huge military Moral support is that children are always sent their work in the area ATO. In his opinion, this contribution to the victory of every child in our country. Nicholas Romaniuk said that the exhibition "With Love to Ukraine" will be demonstrated in cozhniy of Luck schools. Also, the children meet ATO members so that they know the truth about these terrible events. Gratitude and admiration for their children to work and expressed soldiers of the 1st Battalion of territorial defense "Volyn". Men from various parts of the country, unanimously stated that they are happy to receive children's work. Bythey said, holding in hands the pictures, letters, poems, children they were easier to endure those fears war. They stressed that children's creativity forced them courageously fight the enemy, because they knew that the future of young Ukrainian protect their peace and quiet. During the opening of children's art school student Victoria Valetska read out owna poem dedicated to the events in eastern Ukraine, which is depicted on its own and painting. This was reported in Lutsk City Council