Volyn region: in Lutsk region rescuers taught school leaders safety and actions in case of emergencies

The level of awareness on life safety cost a life. Improve the knowledge of educators and give them solid advice and tips on how to react to a waring threats – the goal set themselves organizers of workshops – Training Center of Civil Protection and Life Safety area management DSNS Ukraine Volyn region and educators. Thus, in the village Rokitne February 13 DSNS workers held a seminar-training school leaders Lutsk region. ByThe seminar program note listeners offered information on how to proceed for alerts, Rose ’ yasneno that is evacuated in educational institutions that are protective structures of civil protection and suitable shelter. Particular attention was focused on issues concerning actions when firing, in a terrorist attack. RescueMAP advise teachers how to convey this information to the institutions of teachers, pupils, students and had to evacuate the building first protective participants, and then the members of the educational process – Rokytne secondary school students. Organization of custom exercises civil protection spryamovafor the preservation of life and health ’ I am the younger generation. In DSNS in Volyn region

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