36 criminal proceedings related to illegal arms trafficking, investigators are investigating Vinnichiny

for two weeks in Vinnytsia oblast residents of illicit traffic police seized 5 sawed-off hunting rifles, rifles 2, 3 pistols, 2 firearms, 4 grenades, about 800 rounds of ammunition and 230 grams of explosives. March 7, at terytoriyi region ended two weeks preventative testing, aimed at the removal of illicit trafficking in arms and explosives citizens. According to the deputy chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Hlyanka during this period were checked by the police almost 2 thousand gun owners and 50 sites with weapons permit system. For breach of Zagreberihannya weapons administrative charges were brought against 119 people. Investigative agencies opened 36 criminal proceedings related to illicit trafficking of arms and explosives. 23 persons declared suspected. Citizens voluntarily surrendered to the police 11 firearms, for which under the law were exempt from subsectionrytyahnennya to administrative and criminal liability. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region