In the city. Winery workers Inspectorate taught pedestrian traffic rules. (+ Photos)

Last time on site Vinnichiny cases of injury to pedestrians as a result of the commission of road accidents. Only the first year under the wheels of vehicles 8 people died and 17 were injured varying degrees tyazhkosthose. in. the winery outside Kovel, the State employees trained pedestrian traffic rules. Every pedestrian who violated the rules of crossing the roadway road, invited to preventive bus traffic police inspector conducted where roses ’ yasnyuvalnu work on the need for traffic enforcement and etc.emonstruvav video scenes from the consequences of committing a traffic accident. Most pedestrians do not even think that way going in prohibited areas endanger not only their own lives and health ’ I also show a negative example for children who are close by. They told the police employee, pedestrians offending justified, rushing tc violate traffic rules. For traffic violations provides for liability of a fine from 51 to 85 USD. This was reported in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa region