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Vinnichchina the leaders to mobilize: the planned target fourth wave is made of 128 percent (+ photos)

Within mobilization campaign Vinnichchina the leaders among the regions of Ukraine. As reported at a briefing Deputy Commissioner-military Head of Accounting and Mobilization Colonel Oleg Vinnitsa, with the first stage of the fourth waves ofLee partial mobilization area managed by 128 percent. Total area of ??selection once mobilized troops to nearly two thousand people, of whom 250 - a reserve officers. "Thanks to the coordinated work of military commissars Vinnytsia, executive and self-governing powers and with the assistance of the Head of attracting volunteers Planoing task of mobilizing completed in 128 percent. Moreover, the first stage of the fourth wave of partial mobilization we completed before the deadline. From Vinnitsa also delivered 57 vehicles "- said Oleg Vinnitsa. As part of the fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine created a single registry soldiers who failI mobilization. Unfortunately, it has added vinnichan and 1810, of which 800 - commandeered from the city. Vinnitsa. Now these people are engaged in relevant authorities. "Most do not shy away from the call, and when receiving the first subpoena for a medical examination. Indeed, in the case of absence for military service in a combat summons, he faces cryminalna responsibility, and the medical examination - administration. Worrying is the fact that the so-called "very sick" category includes officers and doctors that are in stock and have the officer ranks. Their imagination for the purpose of evading service has no limits "- said Oleg Vinnitsa. According to Deputy Commissioner-military chief of department atblikovo mobilization of Colonel Oleg Vinnitsa generally Vinnichchine from the first to the fourth wave of mobilizations called up for military service almost 6500 vinnichan. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration