In Vinnytsia oblast budget for 2015 envisaged expenditure amounting to 2 million. USD. for projects of water supply settlements

According to the Department of Housing and E Administration, trained in project proposals to implement 10 projects with a total estimated cost of over 5 million. USD. The financing of oblasnoho Fund for Environmental Protection for 2015 submitted proposals for wastewater facilities in 7 projects worth 9.8 million. USD. (Vinnitsa, Kalynivka Khmilnyk, Lypovets) The project DESPRO proposed to implement 8 projects worth 5.4 million. USD. According to monitoring conducted by the Department in early 2015, the balancethe estimated cost of unrealized projects for water and wastewater exceeds 80 million. USD. Due to the lack of public funding is extremely important question fundraising. In 2015, local governments invited to continue to attract extra-budgetary funds (search for investors) to enableimplementation of existing projects on water supply. In February this year, a working group consisting of representatives of the Department of Housing and E together with RSA oblvodokanalom carried out an audit of water supply and sanitation. In particular, the technical condition of the tested objects, use of energy resources and their demandOmi costs and sources of repayment for electricity. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration