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In Ternopil retired from Shumsky area affected by picking odnoselchanyna

staff Shumsky district police suspected of theft 50-year resident of one of the villages in the area. For profit a man climbed to the old economy odnoselchanky. On robbery police reported injured daughter. The woman said thattemporarily uninhabited farm of her mother is unknown stole a bike and motor. Lover gain; guards did not have to search long. They found 50-year-old victim odnoselchanyn. The suspect is not the first time come to the attention of police officers - He has several convictions for property crimes. And now the court consideredcase of theft where it is - a prime suspect. But that did not stop a man from committing new crimes. The villain knew the 87-year-old living in temporary odnoselchanka daughter in Ternopil, so decided to take advantage of this. A night out on the deal. Tearing lock on the front door utility room, stole a bike and motor. Stolen goods atdrazu purchased vyruchyvshy about one thousand. And avoid punishment for stealing failed. On this fact openly criminal proceedings. Actions suspect qualify under Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code - theft. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region