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During the raid Ternopil police found 25 cases of illegal arms trafficking

Ternopil operatives summed up the target operational and preventive operation "Weapons and explosives." According to the Head of the Criminal Investigation regional police Yatsuha Stephen, events lasted almost a month in two phases. During this time, police expressionOr twenty-five cases of illegal arms trafficking with evidence of criminal offenses included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. Among them the most - eight facts - associated with illicit trafficking in firearms, seven cases were subject to seizure grenades, five - ammunition, two - explosive. In general, illegal obigu seized more than five hundred items criminal activities, seven pistols, four trim, two rifles, automatic, 427 ammunition, six hundred grams of explosive, twenty-four mortar shells during the war, forty grenades. As law enforcement officers have established many dangerous objects were in Ternopil region of the zone of antyterorystychnoyi operation. During the raid checked over seven hundred gun owners, six objects permit system and two units of vehicles, which is involved in the transport of weapons. During found over fifty violations possession of weapons. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region