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Ternopil Special visited the OSCE in Ukraine

March 10 in Ternopil city council meeting of the Special Representatives of the OSCE in Ukraine Andrea Cellini and John Tucker Deputy Mayor John Himeychukom and Assistant Mayor Maxim Cherkashyn. During the meeting, participants convoryly influence events in eastern Ukraine on the livelihoods of Ternopil. Particular emphasis was placed on the safety of city, state and mobilization of immigrants. &Laquo; East crisis caused political mobilization and economic difficulties in the country. Our mission is essential to have about ’ an objective picture and answer the question: « none situationEast affected the safety of life elsewhere in the Ukraine? & raquo ;, – said Head of the OSCE Andrea Cellini. Special OSCE election observation mission in Ukraine is set in accordance with the request of the Government of Ukraine to the OSCE and the consensual agreement of all 57 members states of the OSCE. Observers are designed to help reduce stress,establishment of peace, stability and security. Observers also help monitor and implement all the principles and commitments ’ OSCE commitments. &Laquo; Ternopil is committed to remain safe city. We check the shelter and bring them to order, conduct training and training in evacuation hospitals. Aboutblashtovuyemo preschool education « Panic Button » and surveillance cameras. Works closely with voluntary organizations, – The Deputy Mayor John Himeychuk. &Ndash; In turn, from community accept my gratitude for the Mission. We have very important that the international community knew the truthabout what is happening in Ukraine and could make correct and timely decisions & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council