Vinnitsa region visited the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine Alex Pavlenko (+ photos)

February 14 to Vinnytsia region arrived on a working visit, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine Alex Pavlenko. During the visit the official met with farmers field, informuvavshy farmers about the features of APC incurrent conditions. The meeting was also attended by Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik, head of the Regional Council Sergey scrolls, deputy heads of district administrations on agriculture and the head of the district offices of the profile, heads of rural councils, and heads of regional organizations of the agro-industrial areas.Opening the meeting, Alex Pavlenko said that Vinnichchina has a very positive development of the agricultural sector and occupies first place in Ukraine in terms of agricultural production and the third position in terms of their growth. Thus informed strategic directions of development of the agricultural sector of the state and the measures being taken by the Ministry to their realizatsiyi. Among the key priorities such, according to the official, there is deregulation, support for small and medium businesses, land reform, food security and the output of Ukrainian agricultural products to European markets. "We have to go through quite a difficult path associated with the transformation of our laws to be able to open yevropeysmo borders to our products - said the Minister. - Last year we were able to do it on chicken and eggs. In the same year we want to open the European market for dairy products. I know that Vinnichchine are good examples of the construction of dairy farms that meet European standards. " According to Alexei Pavlenko, the overall picture in Agrarniy field on Ukraine pretty good. "Agribusiness - the only sector showing serious growth from year to year. This is the first position in the export structure. And the industry that is profitable and very interesting for investors, "- said the official. The Minister ahroprolityky, last year the state had a record harvest - 63.8 million. Tonsin the current marketing year is a record figure for exports -37000000. tons of grain. Therefore strategic goal for the next 3 years defined output 100 million. Tons of production. To help in this, in the opinion of Alexei Pavlenko, will the implementation of certain sectoral programs and donor involvement in future projects agrarian spryamution. During the meeting, the official also touched on the problems and prospects of the alcohol industry and the mobilization of experts agriculture. And after format questions and answers with participants of the meeting discussed the problem position, resulting in the agricultural activities. This was reported in Wynneytskiy RSA