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Lviv Andriayan Hutnyk called aktyvistyv join the public hearings on the construction on the street. Kul'parkivs'ka, 133 to

deputies of the Lviv City Council of VO " Freedom " Andriayan Hutnyk called community district, which provides build a house on the street. Kul'parkivs'ka, 133 would come to public hearings and express St.first proposal for this building. As you know, housing in this house zvodytymut including soldiers who protect Ukraine from Russian aggression in the East. March 6 in Frankivsk district administration had held a public hearing on the construction of residential houses on Kul'parkivs'ka, 133-B. The initiator of the hearings actsdeveloper himself. However, in the morning on the official website of Lviv City Council has information that the hearing was canceled ( Re hearings scheduled for 16:00 March 9 at L'viv, str. Kul'parkivs'ka, 133-B. &Quot; I urge all residents of the neighborhood to come and express their views and suggestions on this construction, as must include all of the rights and interests of the community in Lviv & quot ;, - said the deputy of the Lviv City Council of VO " Freedom " Andriayan Hutnyk. This was reported in the pres service of the Lviv city organization VO " Freedom "