Vinnichchina in the forefront among the regions of Ukraine in preparation for spring field work

This was during a working visit to Vinnytsia region the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine Alex Pavlenko. "Now Vinnichchina not only is the first in Ukraine in terms of agricultural production, but also in preparation for spring-field complex overallsv. The most difficult situation in Donetsk and Luhansk - 20%, but there are objective reasons. At present, the total level of the state is 56-60% in the Vinnitsa region it is much higher. In Vinnitsa region and the winter in good condition, equipped with fertilizer and seed, and farmers are set to land productive work. I hope that the year will be very successful"- Said Alex Pavlenko. Reference: Farmers Vinnichiny fully equipped seeds of spring cereals and legumes (excluding maize). He filled up and tested 18.35 thousand tons. All the seed conditioning. Now the purchase is made and the accumulation of mineral fertilizers (63% of the supply necessary), protection (25%) and fuelslubricants (supply diesel fuel - 57% gasoline - 51%). Almost completed training techniques that will participate in spring field work. For harvest 2015 projected cultivated area in all categories will be 1649.6 thousand. Ha or 34.6 thousand. Ha (2.1%) more than in 2014. Cereal prohnozuyetsya sow an area of ??890 thousand. ha, 52.5 thousand. ha (6.3%) more than in 2014. Winter crops are sown on the area of ??430,8 thousand. Ha, including winter wheat 386.8 thousand. ha, winter rye - 2.4 thousand. ha, winter barley - 41.6 thousand. ha. Winter rape sown on an area of ??77.8 thousand. Ha. Spring grains and legumes is predicted to spread on an area of ??459.2 thousand. Ha or 108 thousand. Ha (2.3%) less than last year. Cereal crops to sow projected area - 11.6 thousand. Ha, including buckwheat - 10.6 thousand. Ha, 1.3 thousand. Ha less than last year. Industrial crops is projected to plant an area - 486.1 thousand. Ha. Sugar beet is predicted to spread on the area - 57.6 thousand. Ha. The area under potato and vegetable rollerturamy planned at 2014 respectively 105.6 thousand. ha and 22.9 thousand. ha. The area under fodder crops amount to 145.0 thousand. Ha, at 2014. Overall structure of crop acreage in 2015 corresponds optimally - acceptable tolerances value crops in rotation. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration