In the Lviv region in Striy took action "Do not tear, do not buy disrupted. Save flower Red Book"

As part of the preventive operation "Primrose" Stryjskyj police together with members of the Public Council, teachers and pupils stations for young naturalists held in Striy action to preserve primroses and Mroperedzhennya facts Trade rannokvituchymy rare plants. On the streets children, law enforcement, community activists, accompanied by local journalists were handed out flyers to passers-by and called stryyan demonstrate environmental awareness - not to disrupt, not to sell or buy first spring flowers in order to preserve the unique Ukrainian nature.The event started at Stryisky Gorotdel police. The importance of this issue, the purpose and objectives of the action told the assistant chief of the department of public relations, Stryisky Gorotdel Police Police Major Olga Martsynyuk, Deputy Head of Department - Chief of Police of Public Security Police Lt. John Klontsak, Mr. Chairmanromadskoyi Board Games Bryk and head stations for young naturalists Oksana Cyril. "The main goal of our event - to bring to people's minds the importance of the protection of primroses, and to prevent facts rannokvituchyh removal of plants from the natural environment, and, just as importantly, to encourage people not to buy bunches of the first" rays Spring "even before the March 8, so as not to generate demand. As is known, there is no demand - no proposals ", - the organizers. Pupils stations for young naturalists prepared posters with pictures of flowers, which are included in the Red Book, and members of the public council - flyers with relevant information. The participants formed chotary team, which included students, teachers, members of the Public Council and district inspectors of police and organized all went to the streets of the most crowded places in the city. "Students with responsibility attitude to the task - willingly handing out leaflets and childish sincerely urged people not to buy snowdrops and primroses others gatherve nature. Passers not omynaly young naturalists and listened with interest to what they tell children. We hope that adults listen to calls that were heard from the mouth of children, "- said local policeman Stryisky city police department Lieutenant Olga Zraylo. According to Police Lt. John Klontsak, this action ispreventive purpose, but it is worth recalling that the current legislation provides for severe penalties for destroying plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB