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49 dry grass fires recorded in Prykarpattia for the weekend

annually with the installation of dry warm weather more often to the Rescue "101" reports of fire of dry grass on economic grounds, along highways and even on the side near the center of towns and villages . Only last weekend at territorieOria Ivano-Frankivsk, nearly n ’ mint dozen fires, the dominant cause is carelessness of citizens in dealing with fire. Sometimes fire enough even outstanding mouth, carelessly thrown to the side and locate the fire and extinguish a fire of dry grass in open areas, not just becauseand rate of spread of fire - high, especially in dry, windy weather. Therefore, people should ponder on how dangerous can be diluted while relaxing on the lawn fire or uncontrolled burning dry grass and debris, especially during the spring fire period. To prevent fire management DSNS cases in BCertayetsya to all the inhabitants of the land requested to comply with fire safety regulations, not to endanger themselves and others. Management DSNS in