In Transcarpathia the fault of a drunk driver in an accident killed two people in the

area Tyachevo daylight drunk driver of VAZ-21010 lost control and hit to death two of his fellow villagers. Police started by this fact criminal proceedings. Dining season 9 March s.Vonihovo Tiachiv district occurred bloody car industryyear. 51-year-old driver of VAZ-21010, a resident s.Vonihovo moving towards smt.Bushtyno, drove into the oncoming lane where hit a standing at the roadside men aged 39 and 51 years old. Both villagers from his injuries died at the scene. Driver-perpetrator of the tragedy was educated, expert witness forsludge that he was drunk. Man taken to Tachivski District Police to give testimony. Car detained at impound lot. In this incident initiated criminal proceedings under Part 3 st.286 Criminal Code of Ukraine (Violation of traffic safety or operation of the vehicle that caused the death of severalpersons). The investigation continues. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region