In the Transcarpathian region over the weekend firefighters eliminated 29 times ignition of dry grass

With the arrival of spring in Transcarpathia dramatically increased the number of dry grass fires in open areas. Yes, just three days off from 7 to 9 March in the region recorded 29 such fires. Generally during these events fire destroyed nearly 39 ndktariv grasses and shrubs. However, not all cases harmed by this limited. In particular, March 9 m. Uzhgorod and village Djankoy due to ignition of dry grass was damaged trees ’ Jan electrical resistance and 10 March in the city. Coast flame ’ I grasses spread to trees ’ Jan fence and it completely destroyed. Usually dry fireHerbs happens because the human factor, especially careless handling of fire dilution fire or burning debris. Therefore Transcarpathian rescuers calling citizens follow the simple fire safety rules: Be extremely careful in dealing with open fire, do not leave it unattended burning fire, the fire would not inciteilya houses and estates, and not burn dry grass. These measures are simple and do not require material costs, but also timely re ­ tion execution will protect themselves from harm. Pam ’ Note that simply prevent fire than to eliminate it! In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region