Transcarpathian region, regular reports of bomb threats proved false

10 March, to the investigation and search operations Transcarpathia intervals of a few minutes received two reports of possible car bomb threats in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo in suspicious bag. So, at 13:44 local rescue workers reported the suspicious bag, which foundaware of the native inhabitants in the center of Mukachevo Street Wallenberg. Law enforcement officers examined a suspicious finding and ’ yasuvaly that the threat to the population it is not. Munitions were found in it. Then at 14:15 to the rescue by calling « 101 » received information about a suspicious vehicle « Toyota Crown » toPetofi Square in the center of Uzhgorod. Since the school number 9, next to which was parked vehicle was immediately evacuated all children and staff pedehohichnyy. Also evacuated all residents of neighboring houses and nearby located about ’ infrastructure objects (around 256 people). Investigative team Uzhhorod MB of internal affairs, NDKTS cinemalohamy examined the vehicle. Munitions were found. At the scene went well: DSNS leadership in Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region led to. Head of Gleb Burkovska; Fire and rescue vehicle DPRCH 15 m. Uzhgorod and equipment for rescue special unit. In both cases, novidomlennya of bomb turned out to be false. Details of the case ’ yasovuyut police. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region