In Transcarpathia police caught a serial thief

31-year-old thief from Mukachevo specialized in stealing appliances from apartments, telephone cable, power. All good attacker selling stolen goods, and money spent on drugs. In general, it has proven 26 episodes theft. In the past three months for the next timeTin Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a number of applications from citizens of theft from apartment houses. An attacker tsupyv all valuable, even telephone cable and bank cards. Relations between stealing police initially did not see, except that almost all of them vchynyalys night. Thief acted professionally, without leaving a trace.To search thieves were involved in criminal operatives Gorotdel block. Analyzing the collected materials, police have identified a pattern: the attacker stole something for which he could quickly without spending a lot of time to get the money. In addition, the offender acted clearly, indicating his criminal past. Soon elusive thief tAki caught. As investigators found out criminal investigation, a series of thefts involved 31-year-old previously convicted mukachivets. In late October of last year a number of thefts of telephone cable that man was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment with a probation period. However indulgence Themis has not gone to his advantage, and less than two months ofukachivets again took up the old. In December he robbed an apartment in vul.Okruzhniy m.Mukachevi amounting to about 11 thousand. A few weeks in the same neighborhood are other apartments on the ground floor brought TV, gas boiler, copper radiators, gas stove, furniture, appliances - just 14 thousand. Another was alsoapartment on the ground floor flats. It mukachivets stole equipment to the heating system - totaling 8,600 USD. - All stolen goods attacker bore to the apartment next vynaymav and then sold - said the deputy head of Mukachevo Gorotdel police Lt. Jaroslav Tovkan. Next previously convicted mukachivetsing again took up the telephone cable. From my friends came to visit, stolen credit cards, from which the money shot. Krav power tools, garden equipment from private homes and more. Overall picking mukachivtsyu proven for 26 episodes theft. According to the facts of Art. Mukachevo police investigator Gorotdel Eugene Toothopened for criminal proceedings under Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (burglary). The attacker is in custody. The police continue to check his involvement in other crimes. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA