At the station in Rivne man seized 200 rounds

men, residents of Rivne region, found staff transport police. On examination at the entrance to the railway station guards checking documents in a man found a rich arsenal of weapons - 232 cartridges than pen for the automaton. In the space of linear department at the station. Exactlyto establish the passport data invited 49-year-old inhabitant of Rivne region. During the inspection surface detected and seized 232 rounds of 7.62 mm. Than homemade blade length - 18 cm., Width - 3 mm., Pencil case to the AK-74. The investigation to figure out where a man took a rich arsenal of weapons and where heit was heading. In fact checks. Removed ammo, knife, pencil case sent to study in NDEKTS UMVDU Rivne and Volyn zone. The study will be taken procedural decision. Division of Public Relations Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv railway