Colonel of the 80th Brigade for the treatment of hepatitis looking for 100 thousand. UAH

Head of Automotive Service 80th airborne brigade Nicholas Hrytsaychuk that in March 2014 before the official start of ATO was sent to the Donbass, needs help. In Colonel diagnosed acute form of hepatitis C. Treatment need 100 000 USD. This at ECSher Facebook page said social activist from Donetsk Stanislav Fedorchuk. Head of Automotive Service 80th airborne brigade, Colonel Nikolai Hrytsaychuk was sent to the Donbass in March, the official beginning of TU. So his team took every possible stage of the operation. He was among the soldiers who were involved zvilNennius Words ’ Jansky, then held Lugansk Airport and small cities in the Luhansk region. In early August, Lieutenant Colonel Hrytsaychuka was wounded in the leg, he underwent an operation right on the battlefield and sent to rehabilitation in Kharkiv military hospital. &Laquo; the day when I was wounded in Lugansk, was very strong fire, there was nopossibility to leave the place, – military says. &Ndash; I had to do everything right there at « & raquo ;. Grad Then, when managed to escape, we had two « Ural » of the wounded were four « heavy & raquo ;, but all survived & raquo ;. After returning home in Hrytsaychuka Nicholas was diagnosed with acute hepato formytu SK Service in ATO signs that he was infected, Colonel noticed. For efficiency and cost domestic medicines are not appropriate to treat the disease (or rather, in order to translate the acute form of chronic, because this type of hepatitis is not completely cured). Therefore the necessary drugs must be purchased in Italy. Recipes and all medicalHelp is already, as there are volunteers who are willing to buy and bring drugs in Ukraine. The minimum treatment lasts six months, it needed 24 others ’ injections, each of which is from 3200 to 3900 USD, so the total course of treatment, taking into account the accompanying medical expenses (monthly analyzes) cost 100 000. In UkrainianMilitary No such funds. So all concerned call to help Hero. Details hryvnia cards « & raquo ;: Privat 4149437730758693 Hrytsaychuk Nicholas V. Card « & raquo ;: Savings 4790820005078206 Hrytsaychuk Nikolai Vasilyevich. Told

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