Khmelnytsky region, rescuers eliminated by day 3 fires in private auxiliary buildings

13 February at 11:07 on the item called ’ communications 9th State Fire and Rescue part of. Volochysk received information about a fire at a private farm buildings in the village. Column was. Called the owner, who noticed the fire. In place of an emergency ODAAZU rescuers arrived DSNS and the local fire brigade with. Yahnivtsi that as part of the fire service managers gazodymozaschitny locate about 11:40, about 11:42 eliminated. The fire damaged the building coverage and overlap. The likely cause of the fire – violation of fire safety during the placement and operation of the furnace. On the same day at 16:27 ryatuvalnyky DSNS went to extinguish the fire that occurred in a private auxiliary buildings on the street. King James in. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky. The fire that spread area of ??15 square meters. m, firefighters 5th State Fire and Rescue of localized at 16:39, eliminated at 16:49. The fire damaged household items. The likely cause of the fire –careless handling of fire while smoking. Already at 18:40 on the item called ’ communications 10th state of the Fire and Rescue town. The town received a report of a fire in the barn household. On fire to the Rescue « 101 » said a neighbor. Rescuers who immediately came to the place, call the fire quickly eliminated those face-pMF, which it acquired at the time of arrival fire-rescue department. The fire was localized at 19:16, eliminated at 19:25. The fire had damaged coatings and ceilings of the building. The likely cause of the fire – short circuit. ACCIDENTS fires were not. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast