Lutsk paid tribute to Taras Shevchenko

Hundreds of residents gathered near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Lutsk, March 10, to commemorate the poet. Told correspondent IA ZIK. Started celebration of prayer. Worship was led by Bishop Michael, Metropolitan of Lutsk and Volyn UOC-KP. After 5-7 minutes from the main building ShidnoyevropEjsk National University, in front of which is city ’ Shevchenko Monument, began to leave the group of students. Young people also joined the prayers. &Laquo; not know what is here now? & Raquo ;, – asked one student to another. However, the journalists' questions young people categorically asserted that came to honor memory&Rsquo; memory Poet call the soul, not the dictates of the teacher. After the prayer, Bishop addressed the audience. He said that Shevchenko – a symbol of liberation from slavery, fight for liberty. Also Metropolitan Michael protested attempts to please everyone. &Laquo; At 11.00 You go to church on Easter Moscow Patriarchy at 12.00 – Kiev stalemateriarhatu & raquo ;, – he said. According to Bishop, it is time to make a choice. After this there laid flowers at the city ’ Shevchenko Monument. Although exemplary love of the poet, there was not very young well acquainted with his work. At the request of journalists to quote his poetry in general one girl began to recite « Like Ukraine » Vladimir Sosyury. And the older generation of creativity Taras Shevchenko know much more. In particular, luchanyn Vladimir Ivanchenko believes that society is not mature enough to understand the poetry of the poet. &Laquo; This is the prophet who saw far more of the time in which he lived & raquo ;, – I am sure people and dozens of freely quoted Mr.oeziy Shevchenko. Told