In Lviv will be a concert of organ music using sand animation

March 15 at 19.00 in Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music in the street Stepan Bandera, 8, a concert of organ music using sand animation. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council. According to the report, soloist buDink Organ and Chamber Music Elena Matselioukh together with artist Alina Vasyutoyu prepared a special project which will allow not only hear the music of Bach, but to see it with sand and light. &Laquo; The project will tell the story of Bach's music. P ’ Five short stories will pass exactly what worries us most, is whetherthe city we live and what we can not remain indifferent: Seven ’ I love war. In addition, performed works by Richard Wagner, C. Saint-Saens, B. Kotyuk. Sand Art or « sand art » became known only recently, but has been repeatedly with ’ yavlyalosya in various shows, but few people had to see it, or try & raquo ;, – pozpovily organizers Told