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The Khmelnytsky oblast during fire suppression rescuers found the body of 73-year-old

March 10 at 2 pm at the point called ’ communications 17th state of the Fire and Rescue received a report of a fire in a private house on the street. Kovel, 38 in. Polonnoe. Called locals. In place of an emergency immediatelyrescuers arrived that at 2:19 the fire eliminated. The fire destroyed covering an area of ??20 square meters. m, flooring, household items. Working in respiratory protection devices, rescue workers in one of the living rooms house found the lifeless body of 73-year-old owner. The cause is under investigation. In BC ’ connection with this Department in DSNScountries in the Khmelnitsky region once again emphasize: DEAR CITIZENS! Take care of your life, the lives of their families and home fires. REMEMBER: Fires easier to prevent than to put it out! Only strict compliance with fire safety rules will help you avoid disaster! PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast