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The Khmelnytsky oblast clergy UOC Iziaslav district visited fellow at Rivno

March 6 Dean Iziaslav County Shepetovskoy Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church mitered archpriest about. Theodore PYLYPCHUK area and priests: Fr.. Paul Furmanets (sacred congregations in villages Lischany, Pidlistsi, Schurivtsi and others.) O. Nikolai Nazarchuk (rector priest from the village. Klubivka) about. Michael Kucheruk (sacred wards and villages Myhlya New Village), at. Nikolai Vorobyov (priest from the village. Bilogorodka) missionary trip visited Rivne training center, near the village. New Lyubomyrka Rivne region. Spiritual fathers had served posliduvannya soldiers in ac ask the Almighty to grant peace of mind and flesh of our soldiers asked God to them mynuvala enemy bullet, every deadly wound, temptation, betrayal and close prisoner. There are honest fathers asked God to give them the Good Health "and bahatodenstvo, intact and undamaged return to their homes, to their parents, wives, lovers,their precious children. Priests blessed warriors feat of arms and kneeled down, they asked forgiveness on their behalf, on behalf of parents, relatives and friends of those who stayed at home all the sins of free and unfree, committing all of us that they free spirit and heart fulfilled their sacred duty to the country.On the ground, in the open air, the soldiers approached the priests pospovidatysya, under the blessing asked their prayers and other spiritual matters. All izyaslavchanam, not only was transferred goodies in the form of home canning, bacon, lard, "stew", condensed milk, jam, cookies, candy, tea, coffee, sugar wafers, drugs firstnecessary, and therapeutic antiviral medicines, socks, underwear, razors, shampoo, toilet paper, etc., that were collected in each parish priests and village. Particularly pleased with the heart of military children in the form of amulets, postcards and pictures. Most fighters valued donated Prayer, icons and beltsand of protecting prayers. The information was