In Rivne Privat cardholders can withdraw cash without commission at any ATM

According to the press service of the bank are now owners of salary and social Privat cards are free to withdraw cash from ATMs of any Ukrainian bank. Get your hands on pensions, stipends, salaries or social benefits holderand kartkok Privat in Rivne may even faster and more accessible. You can withdraw cash at ATMs not only Privat network, but also at ATMs of any other Ukrainian bank. Thus, removing cash from the ATM networks of other banks, card holders targeted Privat will not pay a fee for cash withdrawals. "Privat mAilleux largest ATM network throughout Ukraine - the director of the Northwest District Privat Andrey Yakimov. - So the problem with where to get cash at bank customers appear. However, for the convenience of customers, Privat canceled the commission for cash withdrawal at ATMs and other banks. If suddenly ATM Privat not around,Money can be no additional fees get anywhere else. " Privat constantly expands and updates the network of ATMs and terminals in Rivne region. Overall the Rivne region is 265 ATMs and more than 324 self-service terminals. This bank customers may at any time and without waiting to use bank serviceswe. Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and retail bank leader. Today the bank serves 14.6 million retail customers, 334,000 corporate clients. In Regions Bank operates 2497 branches, 7537 ATMs and 12,165 self-service terminals. Assets Privat results for 2014 is 204.6 billion USD, the loan portfolio over the past year increased by 13.2% to 161.3 billion USD. The amount allocated to the bank accounts of client funds since the beginning of 2014 increased by 6% (to 141.3 billion USD.). Privat finished 2014 with a net profit of $ 749 million USD.