Ivano-Frankivsk police urge citizens greater attention to the security of personal property

Many citizens leave their homes without supervision and protection. Not only at night and even during the day, attackers penetrate the premises by the selection key or secret break the lock. Police appeal to citizens asking Mr.overpower attention to the security of personal property. Leaving from homes, ask friends or relatives to oversee the flat, ensure reliability locks or install the alarm. Department of Civil Service of the region provides services of apartments and rooms with private property of citizens by technical means of protection, equip apartmentsmodern means of alarm. Therefore, if possible, use the services of GSO. This will protect your accommodation penetration of unwanted "guests". Do not leave open kvatyry, windows, balcony doors, especially if you live on the ground floor or in apartments near fire ladders or aisles. Make sure that the ladder and the SquareCountry at the front door of your home were lit, then the thief fear that it will see. Do not tell strangers details about yourself. If you found any traces of theft in his apartment, do not touch, immediately call the police. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/