Luciana paid tribute to the Bard

In these spring days we are honoring traditional Ukrainian poet - Taras Shevchenko commemorate his art and public figures. March 9, on the occasion of 201 anniversary of his birth took place in Lutsk literary and artistic Hour "We thought joins poet." Several hundred Lutsk came to the squareMonument to Taras Shevchenko, that prospect Will, to pay homage to great Ukrainian poet. Among them - Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk, First Deputy Governor Sergey Kudryavtsev, First Deputy Chairman Alexander Pyrozhyk Regional Council, members of regional and city councils, authorities and NGOs. Started celebration of laying flowers at the monument to the great poet. About immortal mighty power of his talent, visual words and selfless love for his homeland and people talking in the statements of scholars and public figures. "True that Taras Shevchenko find popular prophet. After all, he did not write pen and heart. Unfortunately, until now understood the depth of his thoughts, but shoots unity in Ukraine already sprouting "- said Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. When artistic event sounded undying poetic word poet performed by famous poets edge. Traditionally, Luciano came to the area with its own "Kobzar". The youngest participant of the action "My Kobzar" - 2 years old, naydavniche publications dating from 1840 and the first 1906 years. All participants were awarded new shares "Kobzar". Celebrations culminated in a joint performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine and "Testament" Shevchenko. By the way, this day is oblmuzdramteatri literary and artistic performance "Taras Bow" and houses of culture neighborhoods of the city - literary museCSSR program. This was reported in Lutsk City Council