Zhytomyrski police seized a pensioner households arsenal of weapons and ammunition found out

police officers resident Chudnivschyny arsenal of impressive diversity of species firearms and bladed weapons, as well as significant reserves of ammunition, rifles, pistols, knives, more than 120 different-sized ammunition and explosives. In this incident started dosuconfi investigation. March 5 employees Chudnovsky police department had authorized a search of the household 64-year resident of the village. Haliyivky. For current information available at the place of residence husband could keep illegal weapons. Thus, during the search of the house police found the pensioner and seized a gun and start TTsecond gun, 7 makeshift knives and sword, metal nunchaku, passionately grenade and 34 cartridges of different-sized automatic weapons. Meanwhile, police seized the garage unregistered hunting rifle, caliber rifle barrel in than and over 90 cartridges of various calibers, a dozen shell casings and fervor of a hand grenade. Retired could explainorigin of detected only: TT pistol he found about 40 years ago during the excavation, gun had come to him by inheritance from his grandfather and ammunition found on the outskirts of the village. All removed fighting arsenal now sent to an expert study to Research Forensic Centre at MIA Zhytomyr. How to claimovidomyv District Police Chief Anatoly Chudnovsky Korniets, now into the illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives (st.263 Criminal Code of Ukraine) started preliminary investigation. By law, these unlawful acts are punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UkraineZhytomyr region

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