Transcarpathian police detained a man suspected in a series of serious crimes in the area ATU

38-year-old native of Lugansk region nicknamed "sepa" first fought for the "FSC", then - on the side of one of the Ukrainian volunteer units. Later luhanchanyn arrived in Transcarpathia, looking for a quiet life, but March 8 in the morning it was youCrete and arrested. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Transcarpathia received operational information that the territory of Uzhgorod district can hide 38-year-old resident of Luhansk. Law enforcement authorities are searching for him for kidnapping, cars and a number of other serious crimes committed by them in the Luhansk region. As z'yasuvalosya, this man still fought on the side of the so-called "FSC" and then wormed his way into one of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions, where he had the nickname "sepa." When the smell of singed, Luhansk "sepa" arrived in Transcarpathia. He rented a house for a year in the peaceful village of Uzhhorod district. Eighth of March in the morning as a result of carefully designedher special operations police Transcarpathia together with colleagues from the Lugansk region "sepa" was arrested. The detention took place early in the morning on the way from the village in which the attacker was driving his own "Toyota" from Lugansk numbers. "Transcarpathia is hospitable ground for people of good conscience and light intentions. However, various kinds of scum and banditm not belong here "- said the head of Internal Affairs colonel of militia Sergey Sharanych commenting detention resident Luhansk region. Detainees transferred employees CID police Lugansk for delivery in the Luhansk region, where it will work investigating. Said person is suspected in a number of crimes, including - unlawfulnot imprisonment, wrongful taking of property of citizens and others. The investigation continues. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region