In Ternopil pension fund reports on the activities of the site

As reported at the headquarters of the Pension Fund of Ukraine under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 25.06.2012 401-p "On access to services on compulsory state pension insurance" and Resolution of the Pension Fund of Ukraine 07.09.2012 16-1 On approval of the Pension Fund of Ukraine services electronically" from 01.10.2012, the Web portal implemented electronic services Pension Fund of Ukraine. Due to a web portal provided by these electronic services: 1. The registration of users; 2. access available on the Web portal of information on sociolnyh and pension services; 3. access for citizens, individuals - entrepreneurs to information: the insured person has free access to your personal registration card and pension benefits, conditions for mutual obligations of the payer; filling of application forms, complaints, requests electronically; the progress ofapplications, complaints, requests submitted electronically; for the submission of requests for training in the paper certificates and other documents which the applicant receives during a personal appeal to the Fund; On previous appointments to management control. obtaining other necessary background information. These e-servicescitizen who signed up on the web site and it was a user can obtain via the Internet from home and free. Authorities Pension Fund of Ukraine doing their best to make easy, understandable and functional services addressed not only retirees or employers, but also to all other citizens. To Artati people via your web portal, it is necessary to apply for access to the Web portal in the territorial system of Ukraine at the place of citizens, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed or entity (registration is presented in the passport and registration card taxpayer taxes). After registerted statements of the Fund employee must be given a registration number which apply in person registration at the Web portal. When you register citizen himself introduces its own username and password to log in. To understand the features independently functioning web portal e-services Pension Fund of Ukraine,should apply to his page on the Internet http: // portal. pfu. gov. ua. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration