In Chernivtsi region audited preparedness actions in emergencies

February 11 DSNS Ukraine working group led by Col. Michael civil protection Babenko was checked on the readiness of Chernivtsi region for tasks in terms of area transfer mode high hotovnspine and willingness of mobile emergency response to major man-made about ’ yektah infrastructure. The Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region where the collection was conducted by personnel of the signal « Teaching fee & raquo ;. In completing rescuers were checked luggage anxiety, means indyvidual protection and keeping them in good condition. After that, the working group met with the leadership of Chernivtsi region. During the visit to Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration was announced introductory, whereby in. Chernivtsi and in nearby settlements due to a sharp severe weather conditions in the mountainous areas of the region (the rainsnow, increasing temperature) in the basins of the Prut and Siret Cheremos there was a significant rise in the water level, causing landslides and the destruction of coast-protecting bridges. In particular, in the area of ??plant « graviton » damaged about ’ objects infrastructure: power lines, distribution pipeline, sewer lineiynoyi network element overthrown elektroopory and trees, there was a threat to the life of local residents. Through the system alerts the information was brought to the specialized services of civil protection area. To eliminate simulated emergency attracted all civil defense and a mobile team. Service for developYuval their joint efforts to eliminate conventional emergency. At the same time indoors RSA convened an extraordinary meeting of the Regional Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies to review the measures to eliminate the consequences of severe weather conditions in the mountainous paradiseonah region in the basins of the Prut and Siret Cheremos. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region