For corruption offenses official in Volyn pay

fine woman reported no conflicts of interest when considering the session Zvirivskoyi village council issue of project approval for allotment of land to the ownership of land for the construction and maintenance of residential homes, apartment buildings and structures on it andm'ya. Employees of the fight against organized crime Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region accounted protocol on an administrative corruption offense relatively Secretary Zvirivskoyi village council Kivertsi region. As an officer of the local authority, the woman is not reported (either orally or in writingform) attend a meeting of deputies of the village council that it has a conflict of interest during the twenty-Zvirivskoyi village council, in which the question on approval of project land for allotment to the ownership of land for the construction and maintenance of residential houses, apartment buildingsand structures in her name. Thus she committed an administrative corruption offense, responsibility for which under Art. 172-7 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. Kivertsivskiy Secretary of the village council district court fined a fine in the amount of 250 USD. Attention citizens! For expressiontion of the facts of the criminal and administrative corruption, contact the OCD AMIA by phone: 25-40-69 (hours). Hotline for Fighting Corruption General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime MIA of Ukraine - 097-220-31-16; e-mail: Trust - SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Wallynskiy area (Based OCD)