Women Rescue professionalism, diligence and steel shutter

Every year around the world, and in Ukraine in particular changing role of women in society. Increasingly becoming a woman becomes a leader, manager, managers. On the eve of March 8, I also pondered the question: what is the role of the fair sex in our Servebi? After communicating with their female counterparts from the US, Canada and almost all countries of the European Union and Brazil, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines, holding senior positions in the fire station, I realized that they sometimes even more aggressively and responsibly exercise of their Duty ’ bonds than men is painw stresostiykymy have excellent training. This is a really positive experience that we want to implement on the way to building a European level. We have started the process. Currently, the emergency services is almost 7500 women. And every year our students of specialized educational institutions is becoming more and more girls. Nice to konstatuvayou that the entrance examination of physical training they give guys a head start. And during training - are the winners of sporting events and competitions. Visiting our universities, I really see girls dedicated students who want to work and most importantly – know how to do it using modern methods in the field of civil protection. That suchProfessional Women I see in the future heads of departments. I have repeatedly convinced from experience that a female manager is not inferior to man and can even more effectively and productively organize work. Previously central office DSNS was somewhat unusual when women hold positions magistrates, fromnow they are heads of departments, offices and departments of the Service. They are responsible, purposeful and confident approach to perform their required ’ bonds. Their persistence and productivity is the key to positive results. Our services workers have excellent physical and professional training, as well as men save people, tudstoyuyut DSNS honor at international competitions contests. So I am sure that they have the same right to occupy high management positions. I am convinced that it will take time - and gender politics are over the central office and a female head becomes commonplace and garrisons Rescue. I believe that it is through harmonic tandem women and foreheadages in the near future we will be able to form a European emergency services and implement new technologies and methods in the field of civil protection. Chairman of the State Service of Ukraine Emergency Sergei Bochkovsky

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/