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Scammers, realtors are operating in Ternopil

new type of fraud appeared in Ternopil. Law enforcement officers turned a resident of our city. The woman said that her naduryla real estate company. Fifth day of March it with a friend, looking for an apartment number found on the Internet by "Index-company" that helps in finding housing. After the telephone conversationsand they were invited to a meeting in the office at the city of Ternopil, Shevchenko Boulevard, 11. Agent ternopolyankam showed photos of housing. In a month it worth UAH 1,500. A company representative has agreed to meet with the owner of the room, but before the girls had to leave a deposit, which is thousand. If the apartment is suitable even 500 they had topay master. In case of disagreement shoot this house, the company promised to return all the money. By signing contracts and taking number owner home, the girls began to call him. However, no one raised up. They told the realtor, who promised to call back but did not. The next morning the girls again came to officecompany to pick up the money. Office worker said that back a thousand hryvnia evening. Money girls never came. A statement fraud approached the police. Currently, law enforcement check information and searching for real estate agents. In order not to fall in such situations, police advise: carefully read the text of the document by which put sEyelash signature. If it's not one, but several pages are written in small print, be more closely because, in practice, in such pieces of paper and masked disadvantageous deal for you. If you have any doubts about the meaningfulness of certain items if they are contrary to your expectations, better refuse to sign such a document. The police EasyTh apply all who suffered from such "consultants" to Ternopil Gorotdel Interior. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region