ATO face: Sister Hyulchetay

represented by the publication of the category "ATO in persons." "... Is that tears fill the soul, especially when you look into the eyes wounded, who says having four children and asks him to save. You know, the hardest see eye wounded who wants to live. " Manyunya, Hyulchetay, Combat button - so gentlewhile the signal ironic fighter has no medical company of the National Guard of Ukraine named Pirogov as Natalie Nazar. The deputy company commander to work with staff captain Wojciechowski explains why the nurse Natalia friends call it so. Manyunya, said as a small, lively as a teenager. Hyulchetay? Indeed, something oriental, mysteriousfig, solar jets in it, like the heroine of the film "White Sun of the Desert." A martial Button friends call because it at any moment the alarm is ready to go to the front to save our soldiers. - It is at the forefront visited more than any man of the company - says her company zampoteh reserve lieutenant colonel Sergey Ilchuk. Deputy Counit commanders company to work with staff captain Wojciechowski on this subject says recent events where Ukrainian soldiers out of debaltsivskoho hell. - Our doctors are all checkpoints, we were coming wounded scouts, artillerymen, tankers ... We are very well aware of the situation generally. So, a secret operation in the history of aiyny was not there - said Wojciechowski. According to him, our command all carefully planned: it was the vanguard, exploration, group protection and anti-sabotage units enemy artillery ... it came out in several ways, by many groups to complicate the task enemy "cover" our troops artillery and "Grad" as This happened duringIlovaisky. So the enemy, who planned the death of several thousands of Ukrainian boiler, which is realized only after almost all came from the environment. - Yes, there were losses, without which there is no war, no matter how cynical it may sound, - says the captain - but they could be much larger. Only one out of the first day of their hospital environment,equipped Artemivsk volunteers shortly before in an abandoned old gray building with a red cross on a white flag, took about one hundred and eighty wounded, fifty of them - heavy. They examined, provided first aid and sent to hospital in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. For example, in Dnipropetrovsk in the day "fast" and gelikopteramy sent to 12 flights for the wounded. - People falling down, but we were not allowed any "two hundred" - proudly says Captain Wojciechowski. - Many words of gratitude deserve doctors, nurses, drivers ... And, of course, Manyunya. Mustached, imposing appearance surgeon, medical service captain retired Vasily, who works in a singlethe crew Natalia tells how this small and seemingly weak woman wounded unloaded from KAMAZ. He groans, asks another cigarette, hanging out in the third leg, fractured in three places. He wonders how naparnitsa withstand a physical and psychological stress. - I never cry, - says Natalia Nazar - although it happens thatTears fill the soul, especially when you look into the eyes of the wounded, who says having four children and asks him to save. You know, the hardest thing to see the wounded eyes that wants to live. In Donetsk, the front Natasha came from the city. Like most of those who serve in the National Guard medical mouth. It - volunteer. Almost all of this moutha year ago rescuing people on the Maidan, then worked as volunteers - delivering medicines, ambulances, and various equipment to the front. For this case they met and eventually voluntarily joined the medical unit of the Guards, united around medical company commander Colonel Igor Ilkiva, rich man duhovno as they are. - In Lviv Medical College I teach fundamentals of nursing, - says Natalia. - I graduated, but I got a job as a nurse in the hospital, then to teach students how to work as a nurse on the battlefield. She learns here the bullets per thousand kilometers from the city, where he stayed two children. - They are my adults withand take care of yourself, - she said. She wants them to go, but the war lays meeting with the family. That is Natalie Nazar together with the captain of the surgeon sits Toompea Yakovenko in "fast" and rushing to extreme checkpoint where someone needs her help. When we, journalists, and ask her Vasily take us with him there, on the brink of war and peacein, she says it's dangerous, that in our age of war is enough. Leonid LOGVYNENKO