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In Lviv police station with environmentalists seized more than 4 thousand. Primrose flowers

March 6 On the station Lviv-main events held as part of Operation "Primrose 2015" with law enforcement department at the station Lviv and employees of the State Environmental Inspection in Lviv area. The purpose of these events - detectionviolations of the order of acquisition or sale of the plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. - At the railway station station of Lviv police patrol unit and public safety linviddilu found the couple, residents of the Ternopil region. These citizens endured several boxes of primroses listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.They police seized almost 4,000 thousand flowers of saffron Heyfelya and 350 snow-white flowers snowdrops. As it turned out, removed the flowers the couple bought them in unknown persons for the purpose of resale. After all, the eve of March 8 bouquets of these flowers is considerable demand - said Chief of Public Security linear breathLu station Lviv Police Lt. Andrew Tatarsky. With respect to these persons, employees of the State Environmental Inspection in Lviv oblast protocol on an administrative offense provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 88-1 "Violations of the order of purchase or sale of animals or vegetation, wild retention rulesanimals in captivity or in semi- "Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. The collected materials submitted to the court. As noted, head of the State Environmental Inspection in Lviv oblast, Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection Roman Dasyuk, disturbing the purchase or sale of facilityin flora listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, carries a fine of from nine to twenty-four times the income of the forfeiture to vegetation. Compensation for illegal taking, destruction, or damage saffron Heyfelya and snow-white snowdrop is 62 UAH perflower. By the way, the special use of flora and fauna from the Red Book of Ukraine is carried out only in the scientific and breeding purposes, including reproduction, distribution and breeding in artificial conditions, and for repopulation. The use, production, gathering these objects for profit byboronyayetsya. Salome Taratula Assistant Chief LV station Lviv Public Relations and Media